Although we have reached our goal of raising $3.6 million we, the delay in starting construction has caused costs to rise.  Our aim is to completely remodel our current building into a community center and build a new social services next door with  showers, laundry, a clothing bank and other services for the homeless.  See a complete description of the remodel below.

Demolition of the old Milt’s Donuts building is scheduled for April, 2014.  Construction of the new Birkenfeld Center/Sally’s Place should begin by June, 2014 and be completed within a year.  Phase 2, the remodeling of the old building, should be completed by the end of 2015.

Although the entire project will take more than 11 years from the original concept to completion, many miracles have taken place in the interim, leading us to believe that this is all being accomplished in God’s time and with His blessing.  Among the blessings have been the publishing of “Breakfast at Sally’s,” some completely unexpected financial gifts and many, many new supporters and awesome staff and Advisory Board members.

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  1. Nancy Archer says:

    I met Pastor Eric Roberts (New Life Assembly of Bremerton) at the Tacoma Freedom fair over the 4th of July while purchasing Kettle Corn for my kids. We began talking about marketing the kettle corn as a next step for the Salvation Army. I have 11 years of experience in graphic design, marketing and church communications. I do a lot of ministry work and I am interested in working with the Salvation Army on Kettle Corn and the Capitol Campaign if possible. On my website (my design portfolio, you will see this year’s trusteeship campaign for UPPC (University Place Presbyterian Church) – my current employer. I have a blog post about a historical wall mural with a Legacy theme – which is the campaign. I explain our creative process, etc. That is the best sample I can give you of my work. You might also be interested in the Preschool Playground campaign. Both projects were a lot of fun. Thank you for your time! Contact me if you are interested in discussing these projects further. – Nancy

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